Garfield 2 - Tale Of Two Kitties

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Garfield 2 - Tale Of Two Kitties

Garfield 2 - Tale Of Two Kitties © Game Factory
Action Adventure | Emglish | PC | 730Mb

Everyone's favourite feline has managed to get himself on a plane to London by sneaking himself in Jon's luggage! In a case of mistaken identity, Garfield find himself at Carlye Castle, where the animals of the castle believe Garfield is the new lord of the estate. While enjoying his stay and taking complete advantage of the free food, Garfield discovers that there is a problem. The real lord of the castle, "Prince" has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Dargis - who seeks to control the estate for his own purposes. Soon, Garfield discovers the secret plans of Dargis and convinces the castle animals to rebel and take back the estate from Dargis and return it to its rightful heir - "Prince"!

Play through exciting scenes from the movie with an impressive variety of action. Fans both young and old can enjoy Garfield in this story of adventure, teamwork and most importantly fun!

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