Gubble 2 Zymbot Quest

Gubble 2 Zymbot Quest

Gubble 2 Zymbot Quest
Publisher: Actual Entertainment | Release Date: Febrary, 2001 | Size: 143,756 Mb

Gubble 2 is a family oriented, action-strategy game in the classic arcade style. Utilizing the latest 3D technology, Gubble 2 is designed by game players to be fun for people of all ages. Gubble 2 is a brand new puzzle game for the PC (Windows 95 or 98). The title character, Gubble D. Glepp, has become a wild and crazy teenager! All new tools and levels.

Another alien enemy race has taken over Gubble D. Gleep's planet, and he has to be the hero again!

In this sequel to Gubble, you have to break apart different mazes, with different tools. There are many new powerups, and Gubble is on his feet so you have to collect fuel to fly.

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