Hole In One

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Hole In One

Hole In One - Idigicon Games
PC Game | 4 Mb | Rapidshare

Take to the fairways and tee up for a round of golf while avoiding bunkers and water hazards as you aim to be the player with the lowest par!

Choose from five available course themes:
· Classic Golf - A traditional round of golf.

· Metropolis Mayhem - Drive among skyscrapers, parks and residential areas.

· Icelandic Encounters - Explore the far reaches of the northern hemisphere.

· Wild West Frenzy - Play the courses of the Wild West frontier.

· Hades Cataclysm - Where all bad golfers eventually end up…

Includes an automatic club selection feature, but watch out - if your ball is in a bad lie, you may need to add a human touch!


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