Major Stryker (apogee games) full version

Posted By: ut_longhorn

Apogee Games | Major Stryker | Full version

Major Stryker is a fun top-down shooter from Apogee that features smooth parallax scrolling, detailed EGA background graphics, decent controls, and diverse enemies. There is nothing here that breaks the mold, but even if the action is typical and the premise familiar, Major Stryker still packs enough punch to entertain action gamers for the few hours it will take to finish it. Worth a play-through, and definitely worth the cost of registering the shareware version. Too bad Apogee has discontinued this underdog, but you can download the fully registered version below. Also an interesting anecdote for fans of Apogee trivia: the main character in the game, Harrison Stryker, is related to Duke Nukem, a far more famous Apogee character.