Microsoft Golf Multi-Media Edition

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Microsoft Golf Multi-Media Edition

Microsoft Golf Multi-Media Edition
Win Game | 50.0 MB | RS.COM

Take your best shot and play several holes of golf. Choose to shoot alone or play against a computer opponent. Use the mouse to swing by clicking on the controls surrounding the player. Then click when its time to swing.

Microsoft Golf's designers focused on the elements of a great golf game without going overboard on the bells and whistles.
In the world of PC sports gaming, golf games are kind of like the royal family - first to arrive, cultured over time to a high level of sophistication, and currently resting on their laurels. Microsoft Golf is a perfect example. Using the exact same game engine and add-on courses as the terrific Links series from Access, this game is fun, challenging and easy to get into. It does not, however, bring anything particularly new to the table.


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