midnight road warriors iso

Posted By: teamalfah

Turbo-charged Illegal Street Racing!

Welcome to a high-stakes, high-speed world where the open road never closes - in fact, it's open ALL - NIGHT - LONG. You'll not only face stiff competition on winding roads in a night-time setting, but you'll need to contend with blinding headlights and impaired visibility. No air bags. No head restraints. Just a gas-guzzling, rubber-burning ride on the wild side!


* 10 tracks with three difficulty levels each
* Three distinctively different sports cars, plus bonus vehicles
* Ultra-realistic graphics, A.I. models and night-time lighting effects
* Street-beat music and network game play
* Regular and championship racing modes

Life... and death... in the Fast Lane

Minimum System Requirements:

Systems: Windows 98/ME, 2000/NT, XP

Windows: 800MHz processor or better; 64MB RAM; Sound card; Graphics accelerator card; Mouse.

download link & mirrors (iso: 104mb)