Myth Xaran

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Myth Xaran

Myth Xaran
Roleplaying | 60 MB | English
by Exodus Studios 2008

The world of Exodus is a place of mystery and intrigue. Similarly, the will of the gods hold no limits beyond a mortal's understanding. Within a darkened sect of the world, a new light shines upon an effigy of paradise through the eyes of an unknowing tortured soul. With this promised new creation given to him, life also begins – and a chapter is ready to be written.

Myth Xaran

Within a darkened sect of the world filled with malice, a new light shines over a small kingdom led by Emperor Lazaimus, ruler and servant to the dark god Tydus. As the curtain of shadows which continuously shroud the kingdom is briefly parted by this Divine presence, the spirit takes form and travels these desolate lands in search of one hope for restoration of a broken past – the beginnings of a legacy and many more to come…

* Classic, console-style role-playing game for the PC
* In-depth storyline with nostalgic gameplay
* Various puzzles and side-quests which provide hours of entertainment
* Raise a dragon
* Over 200 different areas to explore



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