New Software and Games for Palm

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New Software and Games for Palm

New Software and Games for Palm | 31 Games&Apps | 17 + 13,3 Mb

Absolutist Illustrix Butterfly Dream v1.0 PalmOS
Ants Technologies Greedy Snake v1.0 PalmOS
Bapsoft Deluxe Freecell v1.2 PalmOS
Bapsoft Deluxe Solitaire v2.0 PalmOS
Bapsoft Deluxe Sudoku v1.5 PalmOS5
Budget Planner v3.0 PalmOS
Handmap Co Handmap v5.1.3 PalmOS
Iambic Agendus Professional v11.0 PalmOS
Iambic Agendus Professional v11.01 PalmOS
IMobitech YiShow Explorer for Clie v6.3 Bilingual PalmOS
IMobitech YiShow Explorer v6.21 Bilingual PalmOS
Intorine Air Ball v2.0 PalmOS
Intorine Bulls and Cows v1.0 PalmOS
Intorine Cowboy v2.1 PalmOS5
Intorine Plazmoids v1.63 PalmOS5
Intorine RailRace v1.1 PalmOS5
Intorine Solitaire House v2.4 PalmOS
Jean-Daniel Meynet TimeCard v3.0 PalmOS
MaClock v1.8s PalmOS

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Megasoft2000 MegaLauncher v6.1 Multilanguage PalmOS5
Niner Productions NinerPaint v1.8R1 PalmOS
NormSoft HBLogger v2.0 PalmOS
Redwood Creative Computing Company Memoleaf v4.5 PalmOS
TealPoint Sudoku Addict v1.18 PalmOS
TealPoint TealLaunch v3.39 PalmOS
TealPoint TealPaint v6.61 PalmOS
TealPoint TealPhone v4.74 PalmOS
TealPoint TealScript v3.89 PalmOS
VFS-FTP v1.3.8 PalmOS
VidaOne MyRunningLog v2.1.5 PalmOS
Western Software Tech LettersFall v1.0 PalmOS5

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