Nice Game For Kids

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Nice Game For Kids.

Incl covers 123 MB


Garfield checks the clock

Garfield checks the clock in the kitchen, it's 4 o'clock and Jon is due back
at 5. Jon has gone out and left Garfield to look after Odie and the house.
Not surprisingly, Garfield has fallen asleep and left Odie to his own
devices. He is woken up to the sound of a loud crash and to his horror finds
that Odie has completely trashed the house. Garfield has to battle against
time to get the house back in order before Jon comes home. There will be a
big lasagna reward if you can make it.

* All of your favorite Garfield characters appear in the game
* Humor of the original cartoon strip
* High quality visual matching of the cartoon strip in 3D quality
* Enjoy several mini-games and challenges
* Fully interactive environment, each room has items which Garfield can
activate and play with
* Highly addictive gameplay for the entire family

[ I n s t a l l N o t e s ]

Unpack, run "setup.bat", and then "garfield.exe" to play.


Greetz savatage01