OCTGN and Magic The Gathering card set

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OCTGN and Magic The Gathering card set

Online Card Tabletop Gaming Network (OCTGN) is a multi-player multi-platform implementation of a card game engine. The card game engine is designed to be of general purpose core for several modules each defining the game's specific behavior.

Players download a client for their platform and all modules of interest. OCTGN can be used to play a CCG with full graphics for cards online. With OCTGN, up to six players can play a game at once, and with the latest versions of the software, even sealed deck games are possible. One of the drawbacks is that the game has no AI to judge players and solitaire play is not available. All games are played exactly as they are in real life: You need to keep track of your life, whether your opponent made an illegal play, and know the rules of the game. No computer judge exists. With that said, OCTGN is totally free and easy to use.

link for the OCTGN, FAQ file and some mtg world champion's decks:(7MB)

below is the magic the gathering card set to use in OCTGN. In this file there are nearly 12000 jpeg files of all of the card published and a file to implement them in OCTGN.

with OCTGN and this card set you can build any deck you want with any of the magic the gathering cards and play with a friend online... the only you thing you need is the IP adress...

if you have questions or want to play with me you can send your messages to ertue@yahoo.com or just write here...

the links: 5x100mb, 1x40mb