Outlaws - LucasArts' Shooter

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Outlaws - LucasArts' Shooter

Outlaws - LucasArts' Shooter
2 CD | 1st person shooter | 641Mb

Genre: Action - Shooter
Platform: PC Windows

Welcome home, pardner! We've been waiting for you here in the town of Sanctuary. Take your boots off and sit a spell. Ex-Marshal James Anderson lived a quiet life with his wife and daughter. One black day that life was shattered by a fancy-dressed, greed driven land baron intent on plowing down his farm to make way for the railroad. Now Anderson's driven by revenge, which he'll exact in a spray of gunfire.

Outlaws - LucasArts' Shooter

* Combines first-person Gun Slinging Action and Wild West Adventure in one game.
* Single or multiplayer gameplay over modem, Internet, LAN (Local Area Network) or serial connect.
* Highly stylized characters with distinct personalities and weapons.
* Scaleable difficulty for novice to advanced.
* Simulated "real-world" physics models on both land and in the water.
* Gameplay involving puzzle solving to tease the mind as well as the trigger finger.


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