SOFT and GAMES for Palm

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SOFT and GAMES for Palm

SOFT and GAMES for Palm
22 + 22,4 + 13,9 + 24 = 82 Mb (4 Independent archives)

47 Games and Apps
(see list under cut)

Chameleonco Avatars Expansion Set for PocketPC and PalmOS ALL PPC PalmOS5
Chameleonco Avatars for PocketPC and PalmOS ALL PPC PalmOS5

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Intorine Air Ball v2.0 PalmOS
Intorine Bulls and Cows v1.0 PalmOS
Intorine Cowboy v2.1 PalmOS5
Intorine Hot Checkers v4.1 PalmOS
Intorine Hot Hangman v3.6 PalmOS
Intorine Hot Lines v3.1 PalmOS
Intorine Hot Reversi v1.0 PalmOS
Intorine Hot Sokoban v1.4 PalmOS
Intorine Memory Coach v1.6 PalmOS
Intorine Plazmoids v1.63 PalmOS5
Intorine RailRace v1.1 PalmOS5
Intorine Solitaire House v2.4 PalmOS

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Deluxeware Easy Tour v1.16 PalmOS
Igor Kanel PostIt v2.0 PalmOS
Igor Kanel SwitchOff v1.0 PalmOS
Megasoft2000 MegaClock v2.2 PalmOS
Megasoft2000 MegaJong v2.0 PalmOS5
MetaViewSoft 2 Play Me v3.1 PalmOS
Niner Productions NinerPaint v1.4R1 PalmOS
Niner Productions NinerPaint v1.5R1 PalmOS
Niner Productions NinerPaint v1.7R1 PalmOS
NogaSoft Top SuDoKu v2.68 PalmOS
Paragon Software One for all Solitaires Collection v2.0 PalmOS
Paragon Software One for all Solitaires Collection v2.0 PalmOS
PDASolutions4U Auto Trakker v1.02a PalmOS
PDASolutions4U Golf Deluxe v2.1a PalmOS
Resco Suduko v1.30 PalmOS5
Sales Commission v3.0 PalmOS
SplashData SplashTravel v1.1 PalmOS
Tony Yat-Tung Cheung Chatopus v2.1 PalmOS
VidaOne MySportTraining Polar v1.0.7 PalmOS

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TealPoint TealAgent v2.12 Incl Desktop PalmOS
TealPoint TealAlias v1.22 PalmOS
TealPoint TealAuto v1.73 PalmOS
TealPoint TealAuto v1.74 PalmOS
TealPoint TealDesktop v1.21 PalmOS
TealPoint TealGlance v4.08 PalmOS
TealPoint TealInfo v4.37 PalmOS
TealPoint TealLaunch v3.34 PalmOS
TealPoint TealMovie v4.09 Incl Desktop PalmOS
TealPoint TealMovie v4.09 Japanese Incl Desktop PalmOS
TealPoint TealPrint v2.05 PalmOS
TealPoint TealScript v3.86 PalmOS
TealPoint TealTools v1.24 PalmOS
TealPoint TealTracker v1.13 PalmOS
TealPoint TealTracker v1.14 PalmOS

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