PalmOS5: Sliding Flowers, Treasures of the Mind, Sliding Oddly

Posted By: Black-Raven

Sliding Flowers v1.3
Our newest game is a sliding picture puzzle where you slide pieces into place as you try to complete the picture in as few moves as possible.
With ten different pictures and three levels of difficulty, Sliding Flowers will give you plenty of puzzling fun.

Treasures of the Mind v1.0
You are a young acolyte under the tutelage of the Fire Mages of Lanspar. Seeking glory, you dare to summon the Lord of the Fire Demons who challenges you to pass through a fiendish ordeal.

Sliding Oddly v1.3
Sliding Oddly is puzzle based on pictures from the forthcoming inebook Against The Odds. Your challenge is to slide the pieces of some crazy cartoons into place in as few moves as possible.
With eighteen different pictures of varying sizes and difficulty, Sliding Oddly will give you many hours of amusement

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