Peggle Deluxe GameHouse REUPPED

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Peggle Deluxe GameHouse REUPPED
Peggle Deluxe GameHouse REUPPED

Peggle(TM) Deluxe
Win Game | 16.2mb | RS.COM

Ready . . . aim . . . bounce! Fast, fanciful, and unpredictable, Peggle(TM) Deluxe is an explosive new treat from the creators of Zuma. Aim, shoot, and clear all the orange pegs in 55 fantastically original levels. 10 whimsical teachers, each with their own mystical magic powers, are on hand to guide you to Peggle greatness, but only those with the right combination of skill and luck are worthy of being named a Peggle Master. Featuring four ways to play, gorgeous graphics, and endless family fun, Peggle(TM) Deluxe is a unique and addictive challenge for gamers of all ages. Catch Peggle Fever today!

Unlimited Play
4 Game Modes: Adventure, Quick Play, Duel, and Challenge
Breathtaking Artwork and Music
Easy to Learn and Play
Endless Replayability

System Requirements
- Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- 700MHz or faster Processor
- 256MB RAM
- DirectX 7.0 or better