Phlinx to Go

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Phlinx to Go

Phlinx to Go | 13.2 Mb

Phlinx to Go Game is a stone matching puzzle game with an Egyptian mystery to solve. Phlinx to Go takes you to a far-off land where myths and treasures are waiting to be revealed! Create groups of colored stones in Phlinx to Go to see the Egyptian Mystery Story. Collect ancient power-ups and make your way to the nighttime bonus round to help Nazbat and Lady Kia.
Use ancient lasers to blast away the unwanted stones in Phlinx to Go. Bounce them off walls and objects, just like pinball!
Solve the mystery of the 'Phlinx' in the Classic Mode of Phlinx to Go. Completing game rounds unlocks chapters of the story.
In Phlinx to Go Actiona Mode you race against the clock to clear the 'Phlinx' board.
Phlinx to Go game play let's you earn mysterious hieroglyph rankings, collect ancient medallions and become a part of Phlinx mythology!
Addicting game play
Dazzling power-ups
Amazing graphics
Earn new game ranks the more times you play!