Polar Tubing

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Polar Tubing

Polar Tubing
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Put on those polarized shades and paddle out! It's time to go tubing with Polar Bear and his cool friends in exotic locations like the fjords of Iceland and the Amazon. Catapult your character from the waterslide into an exciting course full of obstacles and other fun surprises. You're on a mission to win medals by collecting stars and treasure chests! Use rapids to gain speed and get ahead of opponents. Be sure to avoid dangerous whirlpools - you don't want to get caught in a tail spin! Characters on the shore may try to distract you and slow you down. Fire the water cannons at them to uncover prizes! Can you cross the finish line with the best time or score?

6 characters to play as: Polar Bear, Penguin, Santa, Inuit Girl, Catfish, and Mermaid
2 exhilarating modes: Mission and Contest
4 different courses: Iceland, Rio Grande, Amazon, and Vesuvius
Collect stars and treasure chests to win medals
Use medals to unlock new collection modes!

System Requirements
Operating Systems: Windows 2000 and XP
Processor: Pentium 650MHz or better
RAM: 128MB
Video Card RAM: 16MB - 3D hardware acceleration required
Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0, AOL 6, or MSN browsers
DirectX Version: 8.1 or above
Keyboard and Mouse: Supported
Internet Connection: Required for full version unlocking

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