Pop-A-Tronic 1.5

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Pop-A-Tronic 1.5

Pop-A-Tronic 1.5
Match | 6 MB | English
by Big Blue Bubble 2008

The goal of Pop-A-Tronic is to blast groups of three or more bubbles in order to earn enough points to proceed to the next level. You can also "inhale" and "drop" bubbles elsewhere on the board to set up combos.

Pop-A-Tronic 1.5

In addition, with the help of big bang items like the Charge Bomb, the action in Pop-A-Tronic is nothing less than explosive. Bubbles constantly fill the screen, so think fast and pop faster or it’s "Game over!"

System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 600 MHz or faster processor
RAM: 128 MB
Graphics: 1024x768, 3D Acceleration



MD5: 90AE6641080A4A383F2AB2481D8522E9

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