Putt Putt Enters The Race

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Putt Putt Enters The Race

Putt Putt Enters The Race
PC | Children's Adventure Game | 100 Mb | English

Original Description
Putt-Putt and Pep are ready to take your kids on the ride of their lives! Today's the big day as our curious little convertible prepares for the Cartown 500. Redline Rick is eager to start the race, but Putt-Putt and Pep need a few items before they are ready to roll. Kids join in the adventure as they explore brand-new Cartown locations like Torvil Tractor's farm and Rover's Rocket Drive-in, looking for a safety helmet for Pep. Old friends like Smokey the Fire Engine and Outback Al help Putt-Putt get to the track in time for the big race. As the grand finale, kids hop behind the wheel for the first time ever as they race their favorite purple car toward the checkered flag at the Cartown Speedway!

If you solve the adventure, you get a bonus arcade game where you get to race Putt Putt against other cars.

Click here for part 1 |Click here for part 2