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Raiden Fighters 2

Posted By: klol101
Game Details
Raiden on horse steroids. There is no other way to describe this game. Ten different ships, each with different weapon configurations, manuverabilities, and other attributes. The Raiden ship from Raiden II is also in this one, purple laser and all. What's really great about this game is the diversity of the weapons. Each ship can acquire one of four power-ups. Bomb, Laser, Missles, or Drone. Bomb of course give you more bombs, and laser and missles power up the respective weapons for each ship. (except for the Raiden ship, where the L powers up your purple laser. Missles power up homing missles. This, and one other ship are the only two that can use Laser and Missles at the same time) All ships (except the aforementioned two) also have a CHARGE WEAPON. Forget bombs, these charge weapons do MASSIVE destruction, and you never run out! Each ship can also acquire two Drones, which follow you around, shoot stuff, and block enemy shots. Watch out, because they can be destroyed!

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