Raiden Project - Playstation

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Raiden Project - Playstation Ps1

STORY: Standard shooter fare…

Raiden: Aliens are invading Earth, and have utterly
destroyed our defenses! Some nameless group of
scientists have managed to capture an alien fighter
and used the technology to create a super-fighter,
which naturally is humankind's last hope

GAMEPLAY: RP's greatness lies not with
what it does, but how it does it. Gameplay wise, Raiden and Raiden 2 are little removed from Xevious, though you do get a few new weapons. In both games, your ship has three sets of weapons. The main cannons can fire vulcan shots, lasers, or this neat looking homing plasma (R2 only). Once the coolness of the plasma weapon wears off, you'll realize it pretty much sucks and start using the other two weapons. The laser is supposed to be the most powerful weapon (since it only fires in a small area ahead of your ship); however, the vulcan shots can cover the entire screen when powered-up fully, and at point-blank range the vulcan is actually more powerful than the lasers. Of course, fighting bosses at point-blank is usually quite risky. You also have missiles at your disposal. Normal missiles fire straight ahead and are more powerful than the homing missiles, which are weaker but fire more quickly. Also, you have a limited supply of Bombs. Normal Bombs create a large blast radius that causes heavy damage to anything in its range and absorbs enemy fire. Cluster Bombs (R2 only) spread over a larger area but cause less damage.
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