Real Jigsaw Puzzle v1.0.6.927

Posted By: JayDee

Жанр/Genre - Puzzle
Разработчик/ Game Developers - Kraisoft
Издатель/ Game Publisher -Kraisoft
Размер игры - 17 MB

Описание/Game Description:

Fond of solving jigsaw puzzles? Ever wanted to turn your favorite photo into a jigsaw puzzle and share it with your friends? Or may be thinking of your own virtual 3D picture-gallery? Wait no longer: it's just the time to download Real Jigsaw Puzzle - the most feature-rich and handy puzzle game you've ever seen.

Create your own unique puzzles from your favorite photos and pictures with 16 cutout types and other appearance customization options.
Campaign mode where you explore 10 3D halls of mysterious castle while solving puzzles.
Send created puzzles to friends or upload to website with just two clicks - your recipient don't even have to have the game installed.
Easy-to-use puzzle solving interface with lots of helpful features such as Extra Board and Ghost Image.
Organize, solve and manage all your puzzles with convenient Puzzle Bank.
3D Gallery letting you create pretty halls showing your achievements.
Built-in Audio Player to make up a nice soundtrack for your game.

Скриншоты/Game Screenshots:



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