Rebel Moon Rising

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Rebel Moon Rising

Rebel Moon Rising
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Rebel Moon Rising is a video game made by Fenris Wolf and GT Interactive. In the future, the Moon has been colonized, and due to political conflicts, the Lunar colonies are rebelling against the United Nations. In the game, the player is on the side of the Lunar alliance, fighting against United Nation forces. The game later takes a twist, when an alien species is discovered.

Cheat Codes
Enter these codes while playing.

Code Effect
FWMITHRA Invincibility
FWMIGA Full Weapons And Ammo
FWMARIT Full Health And Oxygen
FWKITTY Invisibility
FWWARP## Skip To Mission ##
FWGIVEUP Skip To The Next Mission
FWBERT Jetpack
FWBARNEY Frame Rate Counter


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