Ripped Games CD3

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Ripped Games CD3

Ripped Games CD3
Ripped Versions | | 11x50MB 1x32.15MB
Carte Blanche | Family Feud | Mars To Earth | Open Season Activity Centre

Carte Blanche:
Raised in a small town bourgeois family and recently graduated from college in humanities, Edgar Delacroix has yet to discover what the big city has in store for him. After a fortuitous entry in the world of private investigation, he has to deal with twisted and suspicious individuals, solve sinister mysteries and risk his life in rather unpleasant circumstances.

Family Feud:
This interactive version has all the classic components that have made the game show a hit for over 3 decades, from the quirky survey questions to the Fast Money rounds and of course, features the voice and likeness of your favorite game show host!

* Play against the computer, a friend or your entire family!
* Over 1,000 new survey questions.
* Customizable characters feature lets you create your own family.

Mars To Earth:
Attacked by the WUC (World UFO Control), who did not know that this two-legged Martian, called Winguel, was visiting Earth for honourable reasons, ends with 'his' borrowed craft crash landing and in pieces. The only way for his safe return home is to find and retrieve parts of the ship! Unfortunately since the WUC agents are guarding these parts and have installed several traps to catch Winguel, he will need some human help. This is where you can assist by guiding and supporting Winguel through a series of puzzle solving tasks to recover ship parts.

* A compendium of logical and clever strategic puzzles
* Endearing storyline
* Extra activities including printing, colouring and creation of in game ideas
* Cartoon stylized presentation
* Lots of in-game surprises

Open Season Activity Centre:
Discover 5 rich universes from Timberline forest with Boog, Elliot and all their little animal friends, and turn your computer and printer into a home printing studio!

Add your favourite characters and scenes from Open Season to create your own cards, calendars and writing paper.

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