Ripped Games CD5

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Ripped Games CD5

Ripped Games CD5
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Age of Mythology | CarWash Tycoon | Th3 Plan | Worms 4 - Mayhem

* God Powers - These rare and powerful gifts grant players the powers of the gods several times during each game.
* Mythological Units - Each with their own special ability, these scarce units can be added to a player's armies to change the character of the fighting force.
* Multiple Ways To Advance Ages - Players now get to choose different ways to advance though the ages, each providing a different set of bonuses.
* Highly Differentiated Civilizations - Age of Mythology builds on the civilization differentiation featured in Age of Kings and features civilizations that play dramatically different from one another.

CarWash Tycoon:
Spa Town is a compact town containing a shopping area, light industrial units and a residential district as well as six carwashing sites.

There are a total of six possible carwashing sites and six types of car in Spa Town and your aim is to establish which types of car prefer which sites, what price they are prepared to pay for car cleaning, which type of finance suits the business best and finally the most cost effective way of advertising your service.

Th3 Plan:
Stephen Foster and Robert Taylor, the world's greatest thieves, have pulled off notorious heists around the globe. Five years ago, the mafia hired the duo to steal two famous paintings in exchange for a famously-valuable diamond. When greed got the best of Foster, the ruthless turncoat sacrificed his partner and crew for the chance to collect the payoff all for himself. Now, Taylor's day of redemption has come. The ultimate heist will require a team, the most sophisticated gear, and a watertight plan…The Plan.

Th3 Plan introduces an entirely unique style of gameplay.

Key features:
* Play simultaneously with 3 characters in a new style of game!
* Coordinate the actions of up to three characters from three different perspectives!
* Infiltration skills and moves!
* Action and gunfights possibilities!
* Dozen of High-tech gadgets!
* Seven playable characters!
* Action-packed storyline!

Worms 4 - Mayhem:
Worms 4: Mayhem promisesnew,innovative worm-versus-worm warfare. Players can create a fully customizable team of up to six worms in numerous environments and modes including multiplayer battles for up to four players. The game also includes a new weapons factory, allowing players to blow up their opponents in explosive new ways.

Additional game play highlights include:
* Multiple game modes, including the 25-mission Story mode, Multiplayer via Xbox Live or GameSpy (PC), Network Play, and Challenge modes;
* Customizing the game by creating your own Worm team, with its own unique look, sound, and playing style;
* Unique new weapons such as the Tail Nail, Poison Arrow and the all-new Sniper Rifle;
* Random level generator that creates huge, varied and vibrant themed levels, making each level a unique playing experience;
* Unlocking various trophies and secrets as you destroy your opponent in more and more creative ways;
* 3D world with all of the hallmarks of the original 2D game.

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