Sewer Run v1.0 Full Game

Posted By: Mr_Pigalle
Sewer Run v1.0 Full Game

Sewer Run ver.1.0 | Win32 | 14 Mb

Take to the hills, strap on your mountain board and race down some of the longest and wildest open sewer outlets! Get dirty racing up to 7 boarders, taking on a slalom run, performing some freestyle moves or in a battle to the death! There are 9 unique tracks to unlock in 3 mountain environments! Shoot photos and video to earn kudos and unlock additional features! Sewer Run will move you faster than you've ever moved before under your own momentum, so ride the sewers today!

Sewer Run v1.0 Full Game

Sewer Run – Key Features
• Make your own character with our character maker!

• Unlock clothes, boards, extreme tricks and higher performance wheels!

• Race, Freestyle, Slalom and bedlam Battle mode!

• Collect Weapons to blow away your opponents!

• Pull of crazy tricks to earn your G-boost!

• Plus much much more…

Have you got what it takes to race against up to 7 other players on the same course? this ones going to take you faster than you've ever experienced under your own momentum!

Play the online demo here and don't forget to keep your hood up as whatever's in these sewers is a real bitch to get out of your hair ;)

This is my very first post on AH, so… be indulgent ;-)
C'est mon tout 1er post sur AH, donc… soyez indulgents ;-)