Sexy Dreams - The Couples game

Posted By: Macfionn
Sexy Dreams
The game of Romance? ... Or wild kink? YOU decide!
Sexy Dreams is an adult 'Couples' board game which includes many extra features to make the game intensely exciting

Want to spice up your sex life? Got some Sex toys but don't know when to use them? Want to make that friend a lover or improve your marriage?
After all these sex 'how-to' videos thats been floating around here,
Its time to put your new found skills to full use! };>

Players begin the game by selecting which options they would like to use. This includes the amount of players , Game Speed, which level of the game to start at, How much money a player gets for passing go and for landing on go and lots more. Players then have a choice to enter their name, age, sexuality and and even the type of clothes that they are wearing. Finally, players select which items and sex toys they would like to use in the game.

Over 60 household items and sex toys to play with (YOU can add more!)
Also includes forfeits/desires such as oral, anal and bondage plus many more.

You want hot? You can't HANDLE hot! (or CAN you?)

* 600 different sexual desires
* Database "Actions" Editor
* 64 sex toys and household items to use NEW v1.1
* Custom themes, backgrounds and game boards NEW v1.1
* 2 - 4 players at one time, 4 levels of game play from mild to "WiLd"
* Ability to change game speed, Ability to increase and decrease level mid game
* 25 Styles of play from kissing and bondage to facials.
* Support for Gay, Straight and Bi sexual couples!
* And more! Your sex life will never be the same!

Sexy Dreams 1.2
File 1 of 1 - 2.46 MB

Password: mac_attacked
Enjoy! ~Macfionn