Shooting Game: Iron Space II

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Shooting Game: Iron Space II

Shooting Game: Iron Space II | 16 Mb

Defend the freedom of mankind against The Ironspace Collective. Fight a heroic battle of one human against hordes of enslaved drones. Crush the Najjhierian Pirates and show the Cannibals of Histina that their favourite food has teeth and claws.

Fly four different ships through asteroid infested space, dodge bombers, and kick dozens of aliens and bosses where it hurts in more than two hundred waves of classic arcade action.

More than 200 Waves of alien onslaught
Beautiful animations
No Nag Screens
30 Levels
Bosses, Asteroids, and Bombers
3 Missions
Mighty Space Stations
Exploration Mode and Insane Hardcore Mode

download: size:16mb