Stronghold Legends

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Stronghold Legends

Stronghold Legends | 1,7 Gb
Game: Stronghold Legends
Release Date: October 23, 2006
Game Type: 3D Strategy
Developer: Firefly Studios
Publisher: 2K Games

Stronghold Legends is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that builds on the fantastic Stronghold heritage, combining beautifully crafted visuals and well balanced gameplay with the epic legends of the middle ages.
Stronghold Legends is a dramatic addition to the series, combing a range of new gameplay innovations including a new strategic conquest style of play and exciting new multiplayer modes. Gamers can play as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Count Vlad Dracul or relive the heroic sagas of the mighty Siegfried of Germany in twenty-four missions that span across three unique campaigns.

24 missions over 3 unique campaigns featuring hero characters:
- King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table
- Count Vlad Dracul
- Dietrich von Hildebrand of Germany
31 unit types, almost twice the number in Stronghold 2.
100% more siege equipment and castle traps (werewolf launchers, infernal balls, stake hurlers, tunnel systems, dragon harpoons, dispel bombs, magic gardens).
Map editor - 3 landscape types, which can be mixed on the same map.
3 races that can be played instead of Stronghold 2's one.
3 castle styles to build - compared to strongholds one.
4-Player Multiplayer.
Engine changes to speed up the game and further improve graphical quality.
Streamlined and more polished graphical interface, with better feedback and fewer mouse clicks.
More sophisticated AI.

Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Legends
Stronghold Legends

MD5: 4b15fafadbd20b0b3c1dfe80300f5571
MD5: e2a3f60ec908824c46ee21a2c2c6fe04
MD5: 8767d7e6270048abcd1108fb7ebdc3c5
MD5: 28221ed2164cbc683d1078308e6f59ae
MD5: 0cf2165252e2a791639d8ea4d41e6f34
MD5: 10a2add63c6040d104993c645f413ce8
MD5: 81b788f481c489f787a618ec7b794ea1
MD5: 9edaf85d5b2009087b6fdbf6bec72b70
MD5: 85ae7e3ecf9622a129c122973e742746
MD5: 442f516302d909233bd90ad5e584216b
MD5: d4d43183d5cacc94dce29b33bef6625a
MD5: b024d3bf9b5dfbac9fa424c5c1c8a5cb
MD5: a0bc86e1f33623989983ca04824580aa
MD5: 973edf1f1366e77f953c4ddbf94504ae
MD5: 8c14b2da21cabc7deb23de4f6d9570bf
MD5: 36807767231286b64b1e5c7869660209
MD5: 1b52924be801e96de09c9abd96d4f1ea
MD5: f100823f5fac125719ebbcd98153700f
MD5: 94083d3b77853807ac1ae6efeeda5999
MD5: e51660d1df694fde36279ecd41ad56cf
MD5: cf720fe10d5ee5548604208dde5780ce
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MD5: a1fa488541711ce783d80045ecaff961
MD5: 62548a85e23585eb32cf76810bae13c4
MD5: 7ffca839cd252f2bd6d0bc8d127e0744
MD5: 89545a04dd17747076cec866c1b8f9c1
MD5: ff23586ea948018629b427e907b88546
MD5: eb0694410c2e4ba6e50de436d844fc0c
MD5: 19beef141399019ad7ff4486bdef59c7
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MD5: ee729e8b897b5d85db802fd16a26016f

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