Tank-o-Box v1.2a

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Tank-o-Box v1.2a

Tank-o-Box v1.2a (PC) | Game
Alawar | Arcade | 7.4 MB (unrar: 13.5 MB) | Crack include

Completing the assignment will not be easy because you have to fight off the deadly onslaught of eight different types of tanks and armored vehicles that are out to turn your desk into another Stalingrad. Survival techniques include taking advantage of the terrain and maneuvering between numerous natural and artificial obstacles while lining up your next shot.

Full version features:
* Outstanding 3D graphics and digital sound effects
* awe-inspiring game levels with addictive gameplay
* types of terrain, four seasons; daylight, night and twilight effects
* New tanks, rocket launchers and pillboxes
* Single-player and two-player cooperative modes
* Extra mode featuring a non-stop enemy tank onslaught


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