The Creeps 1.3.0 iPhone iPod Touch

Posted By: bityan
The Creeps 1.3.0 iPhone iPod Touch

The Creeps 1.3.0 iPhone iPod Touch | 8,87 MB

The Creeps! is an addictive "tower defense" style game with destructible terrain and beautiful cartoony graphics. There are Creeps living in your closet! Defeat the things that go bump in the night with toy blasters, glue bottles, flashlights and boomerangs. Summon a giant spider to slow your enemies, or a UFO to sap their energy!

1.3.0 is here!!
Added online high scores and awards! The leader boards have been upgraded to use Agon! Agon is totally free and does not contain advertising.
- Agon provides online scores, but also has full support for offline scores and achievements
- Support for multiple players on a single iPhone or iPod Touch.
- Compare scores with your friends, people around the world, or other players in your area!
- Can you earn all the awards?
- Brag about high scores or awards any time using Facebook or Twitter (just look for the facebook/Twitter buttons)
- Creeps are now worth more points the longer they survive. Adjust your strategy for maximum scores!
- Import all your scores from previous versions