TriJinx—A Kristine Kross Mystery

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TriJinx—A Kristine Kross Mystery

TriJinx—A Kristine Kross Mystery | 10.8mb

Join Kristine Kross, adventurer, world-traveler and puzzle-master, as she winds her way through a mysterious labyrinth of ancient tombs in search of her missing father

Puzzle your way through 68 unique levels and unlock the ancient gates of TriJinx
Enter the world of TriJinx, the action-puzzle with a tumbling twist! Puzzle your way deep into this mysterious pyramid of peril. Rotate your game board to match colors and reveal patterns as you brave the labyrinth, unlock the gates and discover the mystery within! Powerful lightning scarabs and colorful chameleon combinations will help you clear away the ancient triangular stones. Meld multi-colored pieces into magical power ups to clear each gate so you may pass. Classic game play with a rotational twist, TriJinx is completely addicting puzzle game fun
4 modes: Arcade, Adventure, and two strategic Puzzle modes
"Adventure Mode" features 68 thrilling levels of skill-based gameplay
Features gorgeous special effects and rich, immersive sound design