Tread Marks

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Tread Marks

Tread Marks is a WinISO ISO Format

Tread Marks is an Off-Road Battle Tank Racing and Combat game.
Unlike most off-road racing games, in Tread Marks you can actually
put holes and scorch marks in the terrain, which last for as long
as the race does and don't hurt performance.

Totally destroyable landscape, with tank tread marks, small craters,
large craters, trenches, nuclear blast craters, and even dirt-depositing
weapons that add lumps and hills to the track!

etworked racing and deathmatching, including one-click Internet game finding.
Multiple single-player game play modes including instant races, ladder racing,
and destruction derby style deathmatches against computer controlled tanks!

20 different tank models to choose from
23 different weapons and power ups.
Networked racing and deathmatching.

Windows 2000/95/98/Me/XP
Processor: PII 300 MHz
DirectX required
Free hard drive space: 125 MB
3D Video Card
OpenGL Drivers

250 mb

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