Beach Volleyball Hot Sports

Posted By: weston
Beach Volleyball Hot Sports

Beach Volleyball Hot Sports delivers intense beach volleyball action for up to four players.
Go head-to-head in the most intense fun-filled beach volleyball action you have
ever seen! Feel the action as you serve, spike and battle it out in the variety of
Testimonial of the italian version: Paola Paggi (Radio 105 Foppapedretti Bergamo)
and Barbara De Luca (Monte Schiavo Banca Marche Jesi).
Addictive 2 on 2 Beach Volleyball action in 6 of the world's hottest beach
Just like you see on TV: Instant Replays and Player Cut-Scenes.
Arcade, Exhibition, Tournament and Training Mode!
Over 20 unlockable suits!
Select from 12 unique teams and dress 'em as you see fit (Ingame editor to
customize girls)
Multiplayer offline ut to 4 players and Multiplayer online (LAN) up to 4 players
Realistic Motion capture animations
Photogalley with more tha 150 pics from the Beach Volley 4x4 of Lega Pallavolo
Serie A Femminile - summer 2004. (ON THE ITALIAN RELEASE)