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Warblade 1.2c

Posted By: Alexpal
Warblade is a PC arcade game with focus on very good playability. It's a shoot'em up type of game like the old classic arcade game Galaga. Warblade is a PC remake of my old Amiga game Deluxe Galaga. A very popular shareware game for the Amiga computer

Warblade 1.2c

Warblade 1.2c | 38,54 Mb

The Plot : An alien race is invading the earth and you must try to save humanity. That's the very simple plot of the game. The game is made with gameplay as the most important factor. Fast arcade fun and lots of adrenaline pumping action. The game runs under DirectX and will take advantage of all your hardware.
Since it's a PC version of the Amiga game, it looks very similar to the Amiga game and the first 75 levels are almost identical to the Amiga version. But there are a lot of new features and game objects added. The graphics have been updated from the 32 colour Amiga version to 32bit, full colour versions on the PC. It uses some of the new possibilities that a powerful pc graphics card can offer. Fast blitting with rotation and scaling, alphablended gfx for flare effects. Lots of new secrets are added. New subgame and a powerful profile system that will unlock new features as you progress through the game.

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