Mobile Weapon: Episode 1 v1.0.0.127

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Mobile Weapon: Episode 1 v1.0.0.127

Mobile Weapon: Episode 1 | 23.6 Mb

RPG with the unique combat system. In the world Of sios the people once lived, without knowing wars and chaos, but everything it changed with the invasion of creation from another peace… Now Sios is divided into several islands, populated by people with the completely different outlooks on life and its prosperity. The symbol of unity was lost, and inhabitants increasingly less entrust to each other, continuing to wage internal wars. In the game the gripping subject, 4 igrabel'nykh characters, Quests's many, more than 100 is specific weapon, enemies and objects and the possibility to improve its MAW- y.

The world of Sios was once a huge land mass, whereby there were no boundaries, no separation of territories. The people were united, and they lived in harmony without conflict. Then the days of The Sundering came, and Sios changed forever. Beings from another world came to Sios from the sky, and created a massive war on Sios, splitting the world with regards to its people and its physical geography. Now, Sios is made up of several island continents, effectively separating its people. The inhabitants of each continent ended up developing their own cultures, technologies and way of life. Even though the continents are now seas apart, the people still remain in contact with one another through the use of ships and airships. However, the symbol of unity that was once Sios, is no more. The absence of unity is due to the lack of trust pertaining to theirs differences, and a lack of trust always leads to possibility of… conflict.
Pilot gigantic armored MAWs (Mobile Adaptive Weapons) in the futuristic world of Sios. Discover the secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in this epic adventure RPG featuring over 100 weapons and enemies!

Game features:
Interact with up to 4 playable characters.
Engage in numerous side quests.
Paint and customize your own units.
Access 100+ items, weapons & enemies.