WildSnake Pinball: Invasion 2 v1.01

Posted By: buffyb
WildSnake Pinball: Invasion 2 v1.01

WildSnake Pinball: Invasion | 12.6mb

The incredible INVASION pinball returns in a glorious sequel. Play Pinball in outer space Missions, Aliens, Bosses, Bonuses! Brekable flippers force you to play with half a flipper andin a new battlefield layout with a pair of additional flippers! Inredible music and fantastic sound effects! Three different color modes to reproduce great rendered graphics . Five new missions with all new Evil Bosses and more than a 100 new levels! Play pinball and defend the Universe! Strike back the SECOND INVASION!

Invasion 2 perfectly captures the look of arcade classics. What I love most about this game are the neon reds, blues, yellows and greens that remind me of the brightly colored super VGA games from the late 1980s. Yet the game captures all the details you wish you could have seen in Galaxian or Space Invaders, such as writhing tentacles on the boss alien ship or the ripples of energy spreading across the power balls.

Game features:
• 5 challenging missions with over a 100 addicting levels spread out over 6 different worlds
• Three different skill levels
• Three different color modes to reproduce great rendered graphics
• Three different scren resolutions
• Fully customizable controls for flippers and nudging
• Submit scores to the Official High Score list