240 Halloween Craving and Stencil Patterns

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240 Halloween Craving and Stencil Patterns

240 Halloween Craving and Stencil Patterns | 12 Mb
Not that hard to do. Amaze you friends!

Last year , we tried several on a couple of pumpkins , did Johnny Deppp and The witches Cauldron. Was surprised , that it was not that hard to do . It looks a lot harder than it really is .The time was about a hour for each one to do . Not that much longer that a ' regular pumpkin" . And without saying we had coolest looking Pumpkins on the street . When people passed by , they asked where we bought them .They were surprised to find out we did them ourselves . Great for teenagers to do , a lot of choices .
Can you guess the images in the sample picture I put up ?
Answers below and no peeking

Here are the instruction , they are also enclosed in the zip
Un zip the file ,then

1) - Open Index.htm FIRST
2) - Now choose from the 4 catagories
3) - Select Picture Image , click on it
4) - Image now appear as paper stencil
5) - Save or PRINT
6) - Printing goes on Standard Paper 8 1/2" x 11 "


Answers - Left to right , top to bottom
001 Alice Cooper
002 Bono
003 Devil Flanders
004 Dracula Burns
005 Eye of theBeholder
006 Freddy Krueger
007 Tom Savini
008 Uncle Vlad_
009 Sweetheart Swans
010 V for Vendetta

240 Halloween Craving and Stencil Patterns