3DTotal's HDRI Medieval City Collection 2 DVD

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3DTotal's HDRI Medieval City Collection 2 DVD

3DTotal's HDRI Medieval City Collection 2 DVD | 8.9 Gb

A 3D artist and photographer, Torsten Pflug has created 16 HDRIs, tonemapped images and sIBL sets. Within each panorama are hotspots allowing you take a step-by-step tour through the medieval city, which is perfect for grabbing textures directly from the interface or providing images for matte or concept paintings.

About 3DTotal

It all started in June 1999 as a project to make a simple 3D resource site. . . . Then in July 2001 we released Version 2of the 3DTotal site,which was seen by 100,000 visitors each month. The latest figures show a tremendous growth to over 1.5 million monthly visitor sessions.

We have many updates and site improvements planned which will increase traffic and revenue, which in turn will be reinvested creating a cycle of continued growth for 3D Total. For now, please enjoy the sites daily news on the frontpage, free model libraries, galleries, interviews, articles , tutorials and products. Stay tuned for the forthcoming features : 3DTotal Training DVD's, 3DTotal Book's, Ever growing free libraries and galleries


The photo is an interactive panoramic image. You can turn your own axis around by 360°, look up or down up to 180°, as well as zoom in and out. Within each panorama there are hotspots which let you take a step-by-step tour through the medieval city. You can disable/enable the hotspots, lens flare effects or switch to full screen mode. For advanced configuration options, click the options button in the upper right corner. Full screen mode is recommended. To capture the entire screen, just press "Print Screen" and paste it into your application of choice.

What is sIBL and how to use it?

sIBL stands for Smart Image Based Lighting. It is an add-on for your 3D application, which replicates real lighting situations for high quality rendering. sIBL generates advanced lighting rigs, optimized for less render time, but takes the work out of the process. You can light a 3D scene with a complex and adjustable lighting rig in just three mouse clicks.

More info: http://shop.3dtotal.com/

3DTotal's HDRI Medieval City Collection 2 DVD

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Name: 3DTotal's
Version: HDRI Medieval City Collection 2 x DVD's
Creator: www.3dtotal.com
Interface: english
Texture format: HDRI
Average texture resolution: 17592 x 8796 (1080p HD)
Software: Compatible with all 3D software packages
OS: Windows / MacOsx
Size: 8.9 Gb

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