3D model Furniture Factory Giovanni Sforza

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3D model Furniture Factory Giovanni Sforza

3D model Furniture Factory Giovanni Sforza
Format: Max | The presence of textures: yes | 1.09 Gb

Giovanni Sforza Home Luxury Collection - a brand of the company Incanto Group. Founded in the year 2000, Incanto Group has quickly become one of the most dynamic and successful Italian companies in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of upholstered sofas and furniture due to the strong internationalization of its own brands.
Luxury Home Collection Giovanni Sforza - this is the concept of complete creative potential, where the charm mixed with an infinite quality. Extremely elegant living concept, complete selection of tempting products. The collection is defined sofas high quality furniture and accessories, crafted precisely to the collection, high level materials and fine Italian craftsmanship . This book presents popular models from the designer Giovanni Sforza.
Authors models: Vladimir Gapula and Boris Vasiliev
Extras: Collection of constantly updated, the latest version you can get for free in a boutique Giovanni Sforza to address: Ukraine, Kiev, ul. Trench, 20
Version: 3ds MAX 2009
Available catalogs: Yes
Format: Pdf
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* Accessories 2 - catalog of accessories
* Accessories 3 - catalog of accessories
* Furnitures - Catalogue of furniture
* Lamps - lighting catalog
* Sofas - Upholstery Directory