Alchemy II for V4

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Alchemy II for V4

Alchemy II for V4 | 37 Mb

The character and some of the props include node settings, as well as bump and specular maps. This set is functional and will render peachy in P4, but the set must be used in P5 or higher to get the depicted results of the promotional images. P4 users will need to convert the jpegs to bum files, as the jpeg type bumps do not render correctly in P4. You can alternatively turn the bump levels down or off completely in your material room, if you do not wish to create your own bumps.

The book of shadows that is included, is a posable figure. You can open each side of the book to reveal pages of authentic pagan spells and symbols. I have purposely forced limits on how far each side opens, to avoid inaccurate posing and overextension of the book. To load the book, browse to Alchemy II in figures, highlight the icon and click the double checkmarks at the bottom. Please take note that the books' binding acts as the hip, for those trying to position it differently.

To locate the poses, you must browse to "Alchemy II" in your pose library. The poses for V4 work with the Crystal Ball and Magick Staff props. You must first load the props onto V4 and then use the poses secondly, for correct aligning. The poses all utilize the right hand staff and left hand crystal ball, and ne'er do they change hands in any of them. Ive kept them all the same, coz I feel having to change the parents out, when changing to a different pose, is a pain (but keep in mind, since these props include both hand parents, switching hands is simple, should you wish to use the opposed hand instead) All the poses drop to the floor and correctly align, for perfect positioning every time you use them.

Also included are 5 poses for the book of shadows. To use them, you must load the book, click on it and then click the pose you wish to position it in.

Browse to Alchemy II in the props library. All the props have been scaled to V4, so they will be in direct proportion to her size, with the exception of the tarot cards, which have been purposely left bigger for more diversified usage. The crystal ball and staff included are parented to V4 - All you have to do is load them and they will place where they are supposed to go. The wand and crystal ball include both Left and Right hand parents.

The Crystals on the Crystal Ball and Magick staff have raytracing nodes on them. This, when used with the proper settings, will give the crystals a sparkly type of look as well as a boost of light, to make them look even more magical. You must make sure Raytracing is enabled on your render settings and that your raytrace bounces are set to 1 and your min shading rate is set to about 0.20, otherwise, it will render with a completely iced over effect it wasnt meant to have - or it will space the sparklies too far apart and look off as well. Optionally, you can turn off raytracing in your render settings, if you dont wish to mess with the raytrace settings.

The altar props, as well as the scrying table have displacement maps on them. To get the 3D look the symbols on them were meant to have, you must have the option "use displacement maps" checked on your render settings. Due to the way Poser handles displacement, some adjustments to your final render settings may be required to remove artifacts.

Also included are the obj's for all the props. The props are externally linked to the obj's as well, so they use less ram while using the set. Props and figures also contain material zones, so you can change the textures easily in your material lab, without having to modify templates.

To use the lights, browse to "Alchemy II" in your light library and click each on to load. The lights are parented to V4's chest, so no matter where you move her in the scene, optimal lighting will be achieved.

Templates for the figures/props are included, so you can easily make your own textures or add-ons

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