Daz3D Belle for V4

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Daz3D Belle for V4

3D Celebrity 'Belle' | Rar | 24mb | FTP2Share

Full Description

Introducing 3D Celebrity 'Belle,” an original character pack for Victoria 4 by 3DCelebrity. She is a romantic beauty with a hint of exotic essence. Her facial features and body are carefully molded from Victoria 4’s morphs to create this one-of-a-kind, original woman. Her beautiful texture maps truly bring her to life, while her numerous options allow you to customize this stunning woman into the character you desire. 3D Celebrity “Belle” is simply beautiful…


* Full 3D Celebrity 'Belle' INJect and REMove Morphs and Textures
* Face INJ/REM
* Body INJ/REM
* Full Face and Body INJ/REM
* MAT Pose to apply Materials
* Texture Maps
o 1 Face Texture, Bump, and Specularity Maps (3000 X 3000)
o 1 Torso Texture, Bump, and Specularity Maps (3000 X 3000)
o 1 Limb Texture, Bump, and Specularity Maps (3000 X 3000)
o 1 Eye Texture, Bump, and Specularity Maps (1024 X 1024)
o 5 Alternate Eye Color Maps (1024 X 1024)
o 1 Eyelash Transparency Map (2048 X 2048)
o 11 Additional Make-Up Face Color Maps (4000 X 4000) (nude face map included!)
o 1 Each Teeth and Gums Color, Bump, and Specularity Maps (2048 X 2048)
o Brow Transparency Mask (3000 X 3000)
o Brow Color Map (3000 X 3000)
* 5 Eye Color Material Options
o Eyes Aqua
o Eyes Dark Brown
o Eyes Default (Medium Brown)
o Eyes Green
o Eyes Hazel
o Eyes Light Brown
* 5 Lash Color Material Inject Options
o Black
o Blue
o Brown
o Light
o Purple
* 12 Make-Up Material Options
o Make-Up Apple - Rich Gold and Warm Reds
o Make-Up Aqua - Sea Green Lids and Blushed Lips
o Make-Up Blues - Pale Blues and Metallic on Lids and Coppery Lips
o Make-Up Bronze - Metallic Eyes and Deep toned Lips
o Make-Up Default - Flushed Cheeks, Soft Ruby Lips and Smokey Lined Eyes
o Make-Up Futura - Contrasty Metallic Lids and Lips
o Make-Up Grape - Soft Purples and Lavender
o Make-Up Lolli - Lilac and Oranges with Deep Berry Toned Lips
o Make-Up Night - Deep Grey Blue Lids and Ruby Red Lips
o Make-Up Nude -Natural Eyes to add you own Make-up
o Make-Up Pastels - 60s inspired Makeup
o Make-Up Smoke - Deep Dark Kohl Lined Eyes and Lush Red Lips
* 10 Fingernail and Toenail Material Injections (1 each) (all except Natural are material shaders)
o Baby
o Berry
o Black
o Blue
o Candy
o Hot
o Natural
o Purple
o Red
o Silver
* Light Set-Up
o Bella Lights Poser 6 - The same lights used to render the promotional images!
o 'Light 2' has been moved to various locations in the shots to highlight the face and eyes
* IMPORTANT: lights best used when rendered with Firefly in Poser 6. These lights are intensive and can take a very long time on slower computers.
* Eyebrows
o 3DCelebrity 'Belle' has transparency mapped eyebrows. You can manually adjust the color of the brow in the Face Material within the Poser Material Room. This option has been added so that the brows can match your hair color choice.
o Instructions to Alter Brow Color:
o Select Face Material/ Diffuse_Color/ Blender/ Input 2 Color (Change this grey color to affect brow color.)
* Promotional Renders:
o Rendered in Poser 7 Firefly
o Glamour Hair by Lisbeth (translucency added for color boost)
o Clothing is V4 Basicwear with 'Weird Paint' material from Poser 6, Basic materials applied

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