Boot Hill

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Boot Hill

Boot Hill | 68 Mb

That last stop on the way to the big pasture. It's Boot Hill. The perfect place for a big finale shoot out or a seance to contact that only cow poke. The names on the markers will test your western movie trivia skills too.


* High Detail Figure (.CR2/.DAZ and .OBJ)
o Hill
o Grave Markers
o Stone Fence
o Weeds
* Head Stone Prop (.CR2/.DAZ and .OBJ)
* Wood Cross Prop (.CR2/.DAZ and .OBJ)
* Piled Stones (.CR2/.DAZ and .OBJ)
* 6 Extra Rocks (.CR2/.DAZ and .OBJ)
* Tumble Weed (.CR2/.DAZ and .OBJ)
* Textures:
o 1 Hill Texture Map (4000x4000)
o 1 Hill Bump Map (4000x4000)
o 1 Hill Displacement Map (4000x4000)
o 7 Cross Texture Maps (2048x2048)
o 7 Cross Bump Maps (2048x2048)
o 7 Headstone Texture Maps (2048x2048)
o 7 Headstone Bump Maps (2048x2048)
o 1 Foxtail Texture Map (512x512)
o 1 Foxtail Bump Map (512x512)
o 1 Foxtail Transparency Map (512x512)
o 1 Grass Texture Map (128x512)
o 6 Rock Texture Maps (512x512)
o 6 Rock Bump Maps (512x512)
o 1 Tumble Texture Map (512x512)
o 1 Tumble Bump Map (512x512)
o 1 Tumble Transparency Map (512x512)
o 1 Weed Texture Map (2048x1024)
o 1 Weed Bump Map (2048x1024)
o 1 Weed Transparency Map (2048x1024)
* P6+ Material Presets (.MC6)
* DAZ Studio Optimized Materials (.DS)

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Boot Hill
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