ColorWasher v2.04 for Adobe Photoshop 32-64 Bit

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ColorWasher v2.04 for Adobe Photoshop 32-64 Bit

ColorWasher v2.04 for Adobe Photoshop 32-64 Bit | Win App | 7.0 MB | RS.COM

Plagin in order to correct colors, contrast, display and saturation of pictures on 16 and 8 bits. It Photoshop-compatible plagin, which can be used in many graphic appendixes, for example: Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop Elements, PhotoImpact, Photo-Paint, Fireworks, IrfanView under Windows.

ColorWasher shows the wide range of automatic, semi-automatic and hand instruments in order to correct, improve and recover pictures. Comfortable, as offers explanations of dialogs and incremental instructions for every feature. ColorWasher allows you to do the professional corrections of picture during a few seconds and also offers treatment of great number of images very quickly.

ColorWasher can be used on digital and scanned pictures, on old and withering pictures, pictures or skrinshotakh. ColorWasher also recommended for pictures in the format of RAW. Some converters of RAW, in a difference ot ColorWashe, do not allow to abolish a correction, thus since the files of RAW were converted, it is impossible to correct a result.

The revolutionary algorithms of ColorWasher help to convert even a bad picture into a delightful picture. Unlike other instruments ColorWasher contains seven difficult methods under the name Cast Types in order to recover the lost colors and details in a picture. the features of correction of display of ColorWasher excel simple adjustment of brightness and gamut. There are built-in mechanisms in order to hide noise of image, promote a contrast, abandoning a saturation permanent and etc

ColorWasher provides five different automatic methods. Additionally there are twelve different ways of pre-viewing, which allow you by sight to execute the corrections of picture by a color or display and nets which are fixed on an image. Hand facilities of management contain three movable indicators, adjusted on five different coloured models, dialog of choice of coloured and button of balance of luminosity. you can also by hand to correct the coloured temperature.

ColorWasher v2.04 for Adobe Photoshop 32-64 Bit


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