CreativeMarket - Branding Mockup Bundle, Paper

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CreativeMarket - Branding Mockup Bundle, Paper

CreativeMarket - Branding Mockup Bundle, Paper
Photoshop PSD | 9.55 GB

Paper Branding Mockups.
A powerful tool for presenting your branding projects for Photoshop.

We tried to dig deeper into the idea of mockups and variations of their usage. As a result, we came up with a huge product that really covers all sorts of needs. Watch the presentation and see how we pushed Photoshop to its limits to create a brand new and comprehensive product and brought customization to a new level.


1/ Angled Highres Scenes. Each mockup is available in several different versions of paper. Choosing is really easy – just a couple of clicks to switch between layers in Photoshop
6 full-colored and embossed mockups. Just choose the needed one in “Layers”. You can also combine them with each other.
To use a mockup just insert your design inside the special layer
– 2 Full Color Mockups – Gold Rough Foil – Light Craft Mockup – Holographic Foil – Clean Gold Foil – Black Craft Mockup
You can easily change the background, just as the color and material of the back sheet of paper in case of some mockups

Angled Scenes.Total:
8 Scenes
4 Paper Materials
6 Mockups for Each Scene
4096 x 2160 px

2/ Live Mockups. Looped.
— These video mockups work directly in Photoshop. Insert your artwork in the mockup and export it. 2 video mockups in 1920 x 1080 px resolution (Full HD)
Important: to work with video mockups you need Photoshop CS6 Extended or CC+.
Export loops as a sequence, gifs or videos. There is no limits to how it can be used. For awesome landing pages, shots on Dribbble or Behance projects

Video Mockups. Total.
2 Video Scenes
120 Frames, 4 sec
1920 x 1080 px

3/ Scene Creators.Mockups.

— It’s a set of items rendered in a way that you can create scenes and choose composition according to your needs. Scene generators give maximum freedom and great opportunities
This is how it works: you just drag the objects in your scene and create interesting compositions that can be customized further on.
It’s fun to do – imagine playing a game

Available in three angles:

The easiest way to work with a Scene Generator is using premade scenes and changing them if need be. It’s much faster, and you can create a unique composition in a matter of minutes

Scene Creators. Total.
3 Set of Items,
15 Premade Scenes
4 Paper Materials
6 Mockups for Each Scene
Scenes and Items Can be Resized. Great for 6000 x 6000 px scenes

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