Egyptian Village Vol.2- Beer Brewery

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Egyptian Village Vol.2- Beer Brewery

Egyptian Village Vol.2- Beer Brewery | 32 MB

The ancient Egyptians brewed an early form of beer that was affordable by the lowest classes of laborers, making their days of hard labour a little easier, if not easier to forget. This brewer has struck upon good times, and a remodeling job is half started with beautiful new pillars being build behind an outer brick wall. Inside, cook cauldrons, a mixer and a fermentation tank are available. Fluid is then placed into claywork jugs and cooled in a basement. Two carts are available and included for deliveries.
Includes props: beer brewery, beer brewery demo, cart 1, cart 2, cart 2 demo (loaded cart), cauldron, jug 1, jug 2, jug 3, mixer, torch torch demo, tub/fermentation tank.

3DS format models + 20 texture maps
Poser 6+ PP2 Prop Versions of props and model
Vue VOB object version of model

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