Gossamer for Krystal

Posted By: Alexpal
Gossamer for Krystal

Gossamer for Krystal | 15 Mb

Lighter than air she gracefully walks the forest floors, leaving a trail of magic behind her. Gossamer and her wardrobe will make any Elvish girl envy her. Gossamer comes with 3 very special custom head morph targets attached to her .cr2: Two faces same in look, but eye size being the difference, and one uniquely sculpted elvish ear morph. Beautiful skin textures to bring her to life, along with a lip reflection and an eye reflection to make her eyes sparkle with magic. She also has 2 gorgeous gown textures to make her shine brighter than any elf you'll see! Matching beads, shoes, and armlet textures for the gowns, magically top off this pack.

# 1 custom morphed character on special .cr2

* Gossamer includes one uniquely sculpted elvish ear morph

# 1 skin texture

* Body Texture 3000 x 3000
* Head Texture 2000 x 2000
* 1 Eye texture + Eye Reflection
* Eye Texture 432 x 432

# Face library with 1 smile

* Gossamer-Smile01

# Clothing Textures

* 1 Gown 1 Textures/Trans 3000 x 3000
* 1 Gown 2 Textures/Trans 3000 x 3000
* 2 Slipper Textures 1000 x 1000
* 2 Crown Textures 800 x 800

Gossamer for Krystal