Implausible Canyon Oasis for Bryce

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Implausible Canyon Oasis for Bryce

Implausible Canyon Oasis for Bryce | 44 Mb

This scene suggests a delightful recess hidden amidst an arid and inhospitable environment, It contains 27 terrains with resolutions varying from fine(256) to ultra-fine(512) and massive resolution(1024), 21 trees (created with Bryce Tree Lab), three times replicated grass. Also three cloud planes, one water plane and one radial light. Everything in the scene is textured and with visualization in director view. The atmosphere was created with special care to guarantee harmonious insertion of each of the objects in the whole scene.


* A Complete Bryce Scene (.BR5)
o 27 Terrains - Fine, Ultra Fine and Massive Resolution
o 21 Trees Created With Bryce Tree Lab
o 4 Grass Objects
o 3 Cloud Planes
o 1 Water Plane
o 1 Radial Light
o Completely Textured
* Compatible with Bryce 5 and Above

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Implausible Canyon Oasis for Bryce
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