Inflatable Boat

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Inflatable Boat

Inflatable Boat | 7 Mb

The radio crackles…mayday, mayday…it's an emergency call! Quick, grab your gear and fire up the motor! Action awaits on the high seas!
Inflatable Boat is a standalone boat figure for Poser and DAZ Studio. Included is the boat figure, complete with many customization options, including air canisters, benches, fuel tanks, oars, a medical kit, and a powerful poseable outboard motor with spinning propeller. Most of the pieces can be hidden creating more options, and have built-in movement dials to adjust their positions within the boat. Two exciting texture options are included: a sleek civilian boat, and a camouflaged texture for thrilling special-forces operations.
Smoke rises from the horizon as the small boat bounces over the waves, rescuers ready for action…what will happen next?


* Inflatable Boat Figure (CR2 and OBJ)
o Outboard Motor:
+ Move Left/Right
+ Lift Up/Down
+ Spinning Propellor
+ Hide
o Two Seating Benches:
+ Move within the Boat with Position Dials
+ Hide
o Air Canisters:
+ Move within the Boat with Position Dials
+ Hide
o Medical Kit:
+ Move within the Boat with Position Dials
+ Open Lid
+ Hide
o Oars:
+ Hide
o Fuel Tanks:
+ Hide
* Two Exciting texture Styles:
o Civilian Blue
o Camouflage Green
* 8 Textures Included:
o 2 Boat Textures (1200 x 1200)
o 1 Boat Bump Map (800 x 800)
o 2 Boat Feature Textures (800 x 800)
o 2 Boat Accessory Textures (1200 x 1200)
o 1 Boat Reflect Map (256 x 256)
* P5+ Material Poses (PZ2)
* DAZ Studio Material Presets (DS)

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