IronWorks - The Workshop

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IronWorks - The Workshop

IronWorks - The Workshop | 5 Mb

Ironworks - The Workshop is a 24 piece prop set replicating a modern commercial or light industrial workshop. Every effort has been made to create a realistic set for your Poser scenes. This prop set was designed to be flexible as well as useful, All of the building components are implemented as separate props so they can be repositioned or removed from the scene to provide maximum camera placement ease.

The set features many distinct areas for your workshop scenes including:

* The main workshop building.
* The tool room with separate door and window props.
* The workbench area.
* The office balcony with stairs.
* The hazardous material room.
* The garage door and electric service area.

The set is generic enough to suit almost any type of workshop scene that you'll ever need. Combine this building set with other tool and/or equipment models to set up an endless variety of commercial/industrial scenes!

Ironworks - The Workshop includes everything you need to set up an authentic industrial scene including:

* Blast Door - metallic door structure that separates the HM room from the main.
* Crate - wooden box crate model.
* Drum Bio - 55 gallon drum with Bio Hazard symbol.
* Drum Corroded - 55 gallon drum with corroded surface material.
* Drum Corrosive - 55 gallon drum with Corrosive Hazard symbol.
* Drum Galvanized - 55 gallon drum with galvanized surface material.
* Drum Hazardous - 55 gallon drum with Hazardous Material symbol.
* Drum Iron - 55 gallon drum with rough iron surface material.
* Garage Door - large commercial garage door with electric controls (Opens with a Y-Trans).
* HM Door - separate door for the Hazardous Material room.
* HM Roof - separate roof for the Hazardous Material room.
* HM Room - the Hazardous Material room with levered vent windows and fan.
* Main Floor - concrete floor for the main building.
* Main Roof - concrete ceiling for the main building including light fixtures.
* Palette - a wooden floor palette model.
* Shelf Unit - a metal shelf model.
* TR Door - separate door for the tool room.
* TRWindowLeft - separate wire-mesh window for the tool room.
* TRWindowRight - separate wire-mesh window for the tool room.
* Utility Shelf - another metal shelf model.

The four walls of the main building included as separate props complete with equipment and fixtures:

Wall Back
Wall Front
Wall Left
Wall Right

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IronWorks - The Workshop
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