Jepes Spellcaster Light Props for Poser

Posted By: Alexpal
Jepes Spellcaster Light Props for Poser

Jepes Spellcaster Light Props for Poser | 3 Mb

With this high quality package it is possible to use light effects inside P4, P4 Pro and P5 with a single mouseclick!
Jepe's Spellcaster Light Props is a collection of 20 visual effect props with included alpha channel that adds an extra dimension to any scene within seconds!

Save memory and render time with loading a simple plane with transparency channel into your scene and use it as background, foreground or as parented prop for the hands for stunning effects.

The props are scaled to their right proportions (100% at 800 px x 800 px). Scale it up to 1000% (at 800 px x 800 px) for stunning and unusual backgrounds!
So you can pick out details of the props for new effects again and again. Scale it down to 20%, parent it to the hand of your character and point it to your camera.